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Building a Successful Outdoor Office Business from Zero to $1,200,000/Year

Strategies and Insights from a Furniture Entrepeneur

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Building a Successful Outdoor Office Business: Strategies and Insights from Anthony

Are you considering starting your own outdoor office building company? Looking for tips and strategies on manufacturing, delivering, and marketing your office spaces? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll dive into the inspiring success story of Anthony, who started his own thriving outdoor office business that now generates more than a million dollars a year. Anthony will share valuable insights into his strategies, challenges, and the tools needed to start and grow a successful manufacturing company.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur

Anthony's journey into the outdoor office building (sponsored) industry began when he was working as a home inspector and needed a quiet place to work from home. Dissatisfied with the available options on the market, he decided to build his own shed and found great success in doing so. Inspired by the positive response from his wife and others who saw pictures of his creation, Anthony realized he had a business opportunity in front of him.

"My office was a kitchen table, so we didn't have anywhere to eat for a year and a half. That made my wife push me outside a little bit easier," Anthony shares with a smile.

Adjusting to the Extra Demand During the Pandemic

One of the challenges Anthony faced was scaling up his business to meet the sudden increase in demand during the pandemic. Within two weeks, his orders went from four to eighteen. To keep up with the scaling, he had to find new space and hire more people.

"Scalability is a challenge, and I don't know if we were fully prepared for it. Finding new space and expanding our team were immediate priorities," explains Anthony.

Impressive Growth and Projections

Wood block stacking as step stair, Business concept for growth success process

Since its inception, Anthony's outdoor office business has experienced remarkable growth. In 2020, they generated over $500,000 in revenue, with 15 units sold. In 2021, the numbers more than doubled, as they finished the year with over $1.2 million in revenue and 26 units sold. Looking ahead to 2022, they are projecting to generate close to $3 million in revenue.

"Every day, our projections seem to climb higher. It's a thrilling experience to see our business grow beyond our expectations," says Anthony.

Becoming an Effective Team Leader and Owner

Transitioning from a one-man team to a company with multiple employees required Anthony to develop new skills as a team leader and owner. He had to learn how to delegate tasks, understand the strengths of each team member, and replace his own skillset with the skills of others.

"I needed to understand that my skillset can only take me so far. I needed to start replacing what I'm good at with other people's skills," explains Anthony. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your own limitations and leveraging the strengths of others to drive the business forward.

Acquiring the First Customers on a Limited Budget

When starting a manufacturing business with a limited budget for advertising, Anthony recommends utilizing every resource available. In his case, the first customer came from their church directory, where they simply listed their business name. Additionally, leveraging the power of Instagram and social media played a crucial role in attracting customers.

"Instagram has been a huge thing for us. People love to see the process and gain insight into how we design and manufacture our spaces," says Anthony. He also shares how they ran their business for the first year and a half primarily through social media posting.

Must-Have Equipment for Manufacturing

Female electronics engineer runs vehicle tests

When it comes to equipment needed for manufacturing office spaces, Anthony stresses the importance of having typical construction tools such as saws, nail equipment, compressors, and the like. The quantity of these tools will depend on the scale of the operation.

Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Skilled Employees

Expanding the team is always a top priority for Anthony, as his business continues to grow. Currently, they have five full-time employees, but they plan to triple that number in the next three months. Anthony believes in finding the right people for the job and compensating them accordingly.

"If you find the right people, you pay them," he states. Their average employee currently earns between $28 and $35 per hour, and Anthony expects this number to increase as the business expands.

Challenges Faced with Scaling and Tracking Leads

Scaling the business and tracking an increasing number of leads presented significant challenges for Anthony. Going from five to sixty leads per month meant they had to find a way to efficiently monitor and follow up on potential clients.

While Anthony admits that finding an optimal solution is an ongoing struggle, they have made progress by implementing a lead tracking system within their online builder tool. This system helps streamline the lead management process and ensures that no potential clients slip through the cracks.

The Power of Building it Online: The Shed View Builder Tool

One of the game-changing features in Anthony's business is the Shed View builder tool on their website. This tool allows customers to design and customize their outdoor office spaces without the need for direct interaction with the company. It gives customers the freedom to create and visualize their dream office, and ultimately leads to more sales.

"The Shed View builder tool has been a great addition for us. It allows customers to add the features they desire, and in the end, they end up adding more than they would if I were involved in the process," explains Anthony.

Converting Leads into Clients

When it comes to converting leads into clients, Anthony has established a 48-hour follow-up policy. Once a potential client has built a quote using the Shed View builder tool or contacted the company, they ensure a prompt response and aim to meet the clients on-site for measurements and finalizing the design. With an impressive closing rate of 80%, meeting clients on-site proves to be an effective strategy for sealing the deal.

The Future and Revamping the Website

Anthony is constantly looking for ways to improve and adapt to the changing landscape of the industry. In 2022, one of his goals is to revamp their website to align it with the modern aesthetic of their office spaces. Currently managing the website himself, Anthony plans to enlist professional help in creating a more polished and engaging online presence.

For entrepreneurs who need assistance with website development and design, Anthony recommends checking out Fiverr. They offer a wide range of services, including website design, graphic design, and branding, with exclusive discounts for viewers.

The Sky's the Limit

Anthony's outdoor office business has seen incredible growth and success, driven by his passion, adaptability, and commitment to providing high-quality office spaces for his clients. His inspiring story serves as a testament to the possibilities that lie within the manufacturing industry.

With the right strategies, a strong team, and a focus on delivering exceptional products, there is no limit to how far a manufacturing business can go. As Anthony put it, "I really want to see if I can take this to a 20, 30, 40, 50 million dollar company."


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